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OnePlus TV, Specs, and Price Listed below

OnePlus now is in the market of android tv after their successful market capture in the world of smartphone, and finally launched the Q1 and Q1 Pro series of android tv. The Android TV is price starts at 69,900 for the Q1 series and 99,900 for the Q1 Pro series respectively.

Oneplus TV Overview

Both the series of OnePlus Android TV runs on android’s customized Android TV platform version which also gives access to playstore and google assistant. The TV comes along with voice control, tailored recommendations.

This TV also comes with built-in chromecast which makes it the most convenient way of sharing media across devices

TV also includes its very own OxygenPlay. OxygenPlay is an entertainment hub where you can enjoy the most content produced by the content creators. Accessing these contents is also very easy,just search what you want and just play it.

oneplus tv overview


Android TV by Oneplus has a beautiful design with a bezel-less display of 97.7 % screen to body ratio, which makes the viewing angles immersive and does not matter whatever the background is. This TV has a slim dimension with a sliding soundbar which makes tv more sturdy.


Both the TVs are packed with a QLED 55-inch 4k display panel with a high color range of NTSC 120% visuals are always crisped and saturated which makes your tv experience wholistic.

TV’s display is also powered with Gama Color Magic for engaging picture production with real-time optimization. This helps you in getting a mesmeric view of whatever you are viewing the image optimizer always adapts to your visual requirement. This tv also comes with HDR and HDR 10 support.

oneplus tv display


Oneplus TV has 4 full-range speaker’s 2 tweeters and 2 woofer’s with DolbyAtmos support which produces hasslefree audio quality. These speakers come with a front-facing sliding soundbar mechanism.

Front-facing speakers produce high-quality immersible audio with 50 output and punchy bass for an unending audio experience plus DolbyAtmos support makes the experience cinematic at your home itself.

oneplus tv speaker

Oneplus TV Remote Features

The tv remote takes inspiration from apple tv’s remote and also is an attention-grabbing piece of tv like the sliding soundbar. The remote itself has black colored buttons and volume rockers on its right side. The remote is made of steel and has a good in-hand feel. Which also has a built-in battery that can be recharged by its USB type-c port. Battery life of a remote can last for up to weeks as its a rumor and not tested yet.

Oneplus remote has multiple functions including controlling power, there is a trackpad for navigation, home and back button, Google Assistant button for voice command, option button and amazon prime button for better convenience, it also has a one plus button on it which can be used for turn on, turn off, sleep timer, or restart it like a smartphone.

one plus tv remote

Oneplus TV Price

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