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Googles Update! Introducing 2 Attributes Of Nofollow Links

Googles update! Google gradually developing 2 additional attributes in the nofollow link to properly understand the nature of the links.

First of all, we will see what is exactly a No-follow and a Do-follow link.

No-follow link allows all the users to visit the webpages or website but doesn’t allow the crawler to visit the page. These No-follow links don’t pass the link juice and hence it not help in increasing the page rank.

It is notice to google bots not to follow the link. No-follow links doesn’t contribute in increasing the page rank but can be useful for gaining traffic to the page.

There is nothing harmful in getting a No-follow link, these links will not break your website or webpage. Both the links Do-follow and No-follow are equally important for ranking. If a website or a domain is only getting D0-follow links, Google will consider this thing as spammy activity and hence end up with throwing your page to 100 no page.

Example of no-follow link:

<a href=”https//”>rel=”nofollow”>allgadgets360</a>

googles update nofollow link

Do-follow link allows all the search engines and the user to follow the website. Do-follow links are basically an HTML tag that allows the crawler and user’s to visit the pages or a website in order to index the page that can result in higher page rank.

It is very important to get a Do-follow backlink from a reputed site, that will increase your page rank. Do-follow links are links that can boost your SEO score and link juice.

Example of Do-follow link:

<a href=”https//”>allgadgets360</a>

googles update dofollow link

Now we will see what googles update in no-follow link as you know the difference between No-follow and Do-follow links

Google updates two new attribute rel=”nofollow” and those are as follows:-

  • rel=”ugc” :- ugc is called user-generated content, this attribute helps google to understand that the link is coming from the content that the user has generated or created such as blog posts or comments.
  • rel=”sponsored” :- this attribute helps google to identify the link on site and understand that was created as a part of advertising or sponsorship

By this Googles update, google will understand links to be ignored and which are the links that should be given weightage. That means all the links will not be ignored until now.

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